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Thread: Texas/Oklahoma Trip (No Mando Content)

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    Just returned from a grandson excursion to Texas and doin' chores for mom in Oklahoma and came across a real gem of a store in El Reno, OK. Oklahoma Vintage Guitars has just about anything You would need/want, are real friendly and have a huge inventory. i've heard of Michael Kelly mandos on this site and finally got to play one there. i don't remember the model but it's got this real pretty vine inlay all up and down the neck. i was fairly impressed by the sound and playability. i'm looking forward to doing more chores for mom, just for the chance to sneak down and play a bit more.

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    It's good to hear about a friendly music store, too bad it's such al long drive from California.

    The MK mando you played I believe is a 'Dragon Fly" model. My first "good" F stlye mando was a Michael Kelly, and my current one is an "Legacy Elegante". IMHO they are among the best playing (with a good set up) of any moderate priced mandolin on the market.

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