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Thread: Gibson EM-150 electric question

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    Default Gibson EM-150 electric question

    What's the general concensus on these early 50's (this is a 1950) Gibson EM-150's? I hear good things about the 50's and not so great on the 60's...

    Thanks, J
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    Default Re: Gibson EM-150 electric question

    Just a quick note that it is generally frowned upon to start a discussion thread on an instrument that either you or your friend is selling. I suspect this thread would get locked down soon by the admin.

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    Default Re: Gibson EM-150 electric question

    I got an A 50, that someone else got professionally modified , probably had the value plummeted
    by cutting the top to fit a 4 pole stacked humbucker in between the top brace bars.

    It plays nice.. in it's 4 string CGDA mode..
    I would worry less about resale value and just play the music.
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    Default Re: Gibson EM-150 electric question

    Your friend the seller is well known and respected in the mandolin community and doesn't need you trying to shill for him. More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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    Default Re: Gibson EM-150 electric question

    I've been in situations where something of interest to me was inaccessible for one reason or another, and I chose to make the information available to others who might be interested. Generally when this occurs, I think I'm doing a public service. Possibly the O.P. is in a similar situation, not trying to drum up business but to help others see an opportunity. Of course, possibly not, too. Best wishes for everyone.
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