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Thread: Weird electric mandolin identification

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    Default Weird electric mandolin identification

    My mandolin teacher many years ago (the mid '70s) played a cool solid electric which I've never seen anywhere else. It's not impossible he made it himself but it was a high quality instrument.

    I have no photo but as far as I recall it was a solid mahogany (?) body but almost completely covered with an ivory coloured thick plastic scratch plate.
    It had four strings and a narrow nut with a radiused fretboard that was quite pronounced in it's curvature. May have had a scroll - cant quite recall now.
    There was something a bit like Tiny Moore's Bigsby about it... It could have been a British make....

    Anyway if anyone has an idea what it might have been - id be interested to track down another!
    Is there an archive of electric mando photos I could browse anywhere?



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    Default Re: Weird electric mandolin identification

    There is a builder's list on Martin Stillion's Electric Mandolin site.

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