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Thread: Just thought I'd mention

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    Default Just thought I'd mention

    I found a mid 70s Fender Princeton on Craigs list today for $300.00

    My tube amp search is over. Sounds fab with my Mann EM4!
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    Default Re: Just thought I'd mention

    Nice going! Makes me wish I had brought mine down with me instead of that Marshall monster, now sitting in storage. Solid-state is all good and well, but tube amps still sound better.
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    It makes for a great day when you finally find something you've been wanting at a decent price. And that does sound like a very good price for that amp. Congratulations on your find!
    I love the tube amps. I own two Fender tube amps and love them. For a smooth clean sound the only amp I've heard with a richer tone is the Rivera Jazz Suprema. I'd love to own one of those someday! Enjoy your amp!!

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    Default Re: Just thought I'd mention

    clean the dust out of it , but i am sure you know that

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    Default Re: Just thought I'd mention

    I had a black face vibro-champ , it needed new tube sockets, I'd say ..
    as I could not move it anywhere, and have it work reliably.

    even with brand new tubes.. 'valves' for our british friends..
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