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Thread: Pheonix Hybrid Varnish

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    Wondering, were older Pheonix mandolins sprayed with lacquer, and, if so, what year did the builder switch to the hybrid-varnish advertised on the website?

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    There have been several changes since 99 with the last change to the current finish in 2003 I believe.

    Wait until Evan comes across this thread, he would probably know more about it.

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    I wasn't sure of the answer, so I asked Rolfe Gerhardt, builder of Phoenix Mandolins, and here is his answer:
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    "I never used lacquer. #Phoenix, with the exception of four with spirit varnish, has always had water-borne finishes. #From mid-2002 on I have used the hybrid varnish. #Anyone who wants more information about the finish itself and how I apply it can go to ."

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    Rolfe has a CNC machine now and has done some pretty major changes to his construction process in regards to carving the top, height of the neck, placement of tonebars, etc., and the results on his new models is very noticeably improved...and they were already great instruments prior to the recent changes! #He's a great guy to boot and very dedicated to our passion! #They are outstanding mandolins and the varnish finish is beautiful. #The necks are very comfortable and the playability is very easy and smooth. #The Bluegrass model has incredible low end bass and great chop.

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