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Thread: Electric specific licks

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    Anybody interested in tradings some electric specific licks that are best played on single course 4 or 5 string electric where string bends are possible.

    For example here are some things I like to do on electric:

    Bend the 2nd up to a major or minor third:
    key of E....bend 3rd string 4th fret up

    Bend the flat seven up to the tonic:
    key of E.....bend 2nd string 5th fret up to the E note

    Pedal steel type lick over a specific chord,
    example C chord :

    ---8---- # # # # # # # #-----8-----
    ---5---- bend this to # -----7-----
    -------- # # # # # # # #-----------
    -------- # # # # # # # #-----------
    the trick is keep holding that C on the top string

    Niles had a bunch of cool licks and tricks in his Electric manolin books but they are out of print

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    I like the bend from six to flat seven a lot (E to F in the key of G.) Lots of tension, while being quick and easy...

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