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Thread: Stairway to Heaven intro

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    Default Stairway to Heaven intro

    ive had a mandolin for a few months. trying to teach myself. it's been a fun process as i become more and more comfortable with it. i was finally able to play the intro to stairway to heaven after trying for a month.

    here's a vid. just looking for some feedback.

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    Default Re: Stairway to Heaven intro

    Really nice job!
    I enjoyed that a lot.
    Thanks for posting.
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    Default Re: Stairway to Heaven intro

    If you are really looking for feedback, my advice is to tune your mandolin. The original version is arpeggios, which are chords played out a note at a a time. Learn the chords to the tune and let the notes ring.
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    Default Re: Stairway to Heaven intro

    Doing great for one month, and good choice.
    Indulge responsibly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffD View Post
    Doing great for one month, and good choice.
    Agreed that you're doing fine for such a short time playing mandolin. Jim makes a very good point re: arpeggios played out of chord positions. I'd also like to recommend the use of tremolo to give it a legato feel and get some emotional content. It will take some time to get there but you already have a good start. Keep at it!!

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    Default Re: Stairway to Heaven intro

    Hey man...very good for a newbie. As stated on some of the other responses, let the arpeggio ring out as you play. You'll develop much-needed left-hand control as you do this. The closed Am chord used on guitar for this is a lot easier...if you happen to play guitar, think like a guitarist as you play. It will cause your phrasing and sustain to better mimic the guitar. I often have to play guitar things in the upper octave to really hear notes in their intended arpeggio formations. You are definitely on the right path!

    Roscoe Morgan

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