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Thread: New jam session in Houston

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    Default New jam session in Houston

    Just a heads up about a weekly jam getting started in Houston. Sundays starting after 7 and going until they kick us out at NotsuoH. It's at 314 Main in downtown. There is free street level parking in dowtown in the evenings. This will be our 5th week and the turnout has been ok, but we need more pickers! Come on out and pick a few.

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    Default Re: New jam session in Houston

    Any jams going on here now?
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    Default Re: New jam session in Houston

    We have a jam each Monday night at the Weekley Community Center in NW (Cypress area) Houston. A show and jam on 2nd Friday ( this Friday) same location. A good jam on 4th Saturday at Klieb Wood County Park also NW area. A Bluegrass Show abs jam at the Magnolia or W Montogomery Civic Center usually 1st Saturday but is also this coming weekend because of conflicts last night. Check out this web site for information

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