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Thread: Me and my epiphone mandolin

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    Smile Me and my epiphone mandolin

    Hi everyone...I don't have a website or video so I have to attached a photo of me and my mandolin. I have only be playing it just over 4 months. I so love the instrument! I have learned enough basic stuff in order to jam with other musicians or play at open mics. I am open to any or all suggestions, with regards to theory, chord progression, etc.

    From the photo, you can see me sitting on a box. It is actually a drum called a cajon. It is Latin in origin and used mostly in flamenco but becoming more popular amongst drummers and percussionists for use at acoustic jams. Right now...I would consider myself more of a drummer wanting to be a mandolin player. I have some basic knowledge of guitar but as I mentioned, I just fell in love with the mandolin and I really want to learn to play it well.

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    Welcome, you need to learn to play the cajon and your mandolin at the same time. I remember seeing the Jolly Boys play. One of the boys was playing a bass marimba that he sat on like the cajon, it had metal tongs on it that he would pluck like a bass. I guess it was like a huge thumb piano.
    Enjoy your new intstrument.
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    go girl!

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    Just be careful.... mandolins are addictive! The only treatment for it is to play with other people and have fun! .
    Have a Great Day!
    Joe Vest

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    The more music the better. Be it mandolin, cajon or a pair of spoons and a jug. Just got my 1/8th plywood in the mail yesterday and will be building my cajon this weekend.

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