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Thread: Rogue oval hole model

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    Default Rogue oval hole model

    Anyone here familiar with the Rogue oval hole mandolin? I know Rogues are generally considered junk (I had one once and it wasn't much, but it did get me started again, until I upgraded), but I was just wondering if the oval hole model is any better. After all, it costs twice as much as their f hole model.

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    Default Re: Rogue oval hole model

    Wow, Pete. I didn't even know this existed.
    Looks better than the f-hole IMO...

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    Default Re: Rogue oval hole model

    you can always return it., I've called for a return tag to be sent, so they cover pick up and shipping back.

    You have to get someone else to do the setup, MF just handles cartons .
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    Default Re: Rogue oval hole model

    Looks like the short neck (12th fret dovetail), too. Hmmm.

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