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Thread: Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band "Ragged But Right"

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    Default Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band "Ragged But Right"

    More gems from Jerry, I never had the urge to see the man and sadly I missed out, Boy did I miss the boat..... Great diversity, Great music.

    I just picked up Ragged But Right and am loving it. It's a compilation of live cuts from the Warfield & Wiltern Theatres in October & November of 1987. Loaded with gems like Drifting With The Tide, Deep Elum Blues, & Trouble In Mind. Just a great piece for an acoustic, mando, & fiddle lovin' fool.

    Jerry's band on the disc is comprised of David Nelson Guitar & vocals, Sandy Rothman on Mando, Dobro, Banjo, & vocals, John Kahn on String Bass, Kenny Kosek on Fiddle, & David Kemper on Snare Drum.

    I had my buddy at a local mom & pop CD store order it for me, but it's also available on
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    Default Re: Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band "Ragged But Right"

    I need to pick this up along with Almost Acoustic. I've got a 12/4/87 recording, but I need to break down and get these two official releases. I love the way these guys did Swing Low Sweet Chariot!

    I went to the Jerry Site to see exactly when I saw the JGB back in '79. The internet is great for the details that my mind doesn't recall. Anyway, it never ceases to amaze me at how much Garcia had going on besides his main gig with the Dead. To be able to keep all that material straight; the guy was incredible!
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    Default Re: Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band "Ragged But Right"

    From that period on, it seemed he was called back to his acoustic roots. [Grisman collaborations soon to follow]

    One of the last great memories I have of him is a St Patricks Day Dead show, with Lonesome Cabin Boy fooled around with during one of their jams and a break on Dark Star that sounds like it was composed on acoustic. My own musical interests had turned to bluegrass at that point and it blew me away as I understood more of the music references he dropped even in the electric context - especially when his solo projects were going [this was just after some Garcia/Grisman shows].

    He sure had a lot going on, you wonder what he could have done without the monkey of addiction around his neck.

    I sure would love to hear what he'd be playing today.

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