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Thread: Jeremy Kittel Band featuring Josh Pinkham

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    Thumbs up Jeremy Kittel Band featuring Josh Pinkham

    Just thought I would leave this link on YouTube for everyone of the Jeremy Kittel Band (Jeremy Kittel is an awesome violinist that is a member of the Grammy winning Turtle Island String Quartet) with Josh Pinkham on mandolin busting some serious riffs on this 'Bluegrass 'Jam'' aka their version of Forky Deer. They have some other great videos with Josh Pinkham (the rest of the band-cello and hammered dulcimer are serious players as well), including a great cover of Jimi Hendrix's 'Hey Joe' from one of their performances out west (Phoenix, Arizona I think). Check it out!

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    Default Re: Jeremy Kittel Band featuring Josh Pinkham

    I couldn't find/open your link so I went to you tube to check it out...good stuff. Here's another try at the link.

    Josh and Jeremy seem to have the same chemistry that Mike Marshall and Darol Anger share.

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    Default Re: Jeremy Kittel Band featuring Josh Pinkham

    Thanks for fixing, Mike. I had some confusion with the YouTube link...

    I agree about the chemistry with Josh and Jeremy. Great musicians all around.


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    Default Re: Jeremy Kittel Band featuring Josh Pinkham

    Thought I’d bump this threading give a shout out to Josh Pinkham and his amazing mandolin chops. I saw them for the third time since the release of “Whorls.” They had the full 5 piece band last night. Josh coaxes some sweet tone out of his Red Diamond, even at warp speed.

    Make sure you see these guys if they come to your town. Each member is a monster musician.
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