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Thread: Ibanez 510

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    If you read the specs, the current 510 is all laminate woods-spruce over sapele (sic). Neck is mahogany. For the price it’s a decent mando. The tailpiece on mine needed replacement as it was flimsy and rested on the top. Mine also needed minor set up, but no major issues have been noted. Original strings need to be replaced immediately. Experimenting with picks is also necessary. I’ve settled on a Wegen m150 on mine. I rarely play it, but it woks well as a starter or beater. One thing, it doesn’t fit in a standard hard case.

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    I've found that if you already play guitar, you can gauge your musical interest enough that you have a pretty decent chance at sticking with a mandolin. You've already done the learning curve. I bought, mainly as a setup learning platform, a closeout mandolin that had a retail price of around $500. It was solid wood. Out of the box it was horrible. Had I bought one unknowingly, I probably wouldn't have lasted a month.

    You need to hopefully find a store where you can learn what your mandolin should play like and evaluate from there. Picking up even a factory setup Eastman should give you a reference point.
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