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Thread: High-Strung Mandolin

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    Default High-Strung Mandolin

    When Yank high-strung his mandolin, which course did he string with the plain string?

    The course closer to you or the floor?

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    Ah, yes, mosquito tuning!

    Replace one G string (the one closest to your face as you play) with an A string, and one D string (also the one closest to your face) with an E string. Tune those an octave higher and voila!

    I used the tuning for the old Delmore Brothers tune, "Freight Train Boogie," on our album "Hobo Nickel." It gives a real nice sprightly bounce.
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    Default Re: High-Strung Mandolin I found this lefty harp guitar which has a soprano mandolin neck, instead of GDAE it's DAEB a fifth higher

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