Widows Peak Music Festival is darn near here!!!
"Its like Training Camp for summer camp!"

Last year was a big success & a tremendously good time had by everyone who came despite the unfortunate weather...

This year, We're Back... Bigger & Bolder!


We've got 20+ GREAT Bands... (almost exclusively unknown & unsigned) at the forefront of the battleground where Roots, Country, Bluegrass, Blues, Rockabilly, & Good ol' fashioned Rock & Roll collide... where else can you be GLAD you were a casualty?

The Giving Tree Band
The Hooten Hallers
Chicago Farmer
Goodbye Home
Jaik Willis
Clifton Roy & Folkstringer
The Reeling Gilly
Big Medicine
Uncle Zesty's Old time Boot Knockers

And much much much much much more!!!

Tickets are just a meager $25 (when you preorder, which we HIGHLY encourage $30 at the gate) and YES, TICKET PRICE DOES INCLUDE A CAMPSITE FOR THE WEEKEND!!!

Gates open at 3pm Friday May, 21st. Music Starts at 6pm and goes longer than you should healthily be awake for. What are ya waiting for? Order a ticket or six, Load up the station wagon, and come on out to the best most inexpensive unheard of outta sight festival that will have all your friends jealous when you come home.

Once again, for tickets, info, schedules, directions, or questions: