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Thread: Review: Almuse Electric Mandolin

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    Default Review: Almuse Electric Mandolin

    Review: Almuse Electric Mandolin

    If anyone is looking for a high quality electric mandolin at a very reasonable price, then you should seriously consider contacting Pete Mallinson of Almuse.

    Until recently I had not heard of Almuse. I have been in the market for an emando for some time now, and really enjoyed trying out the Blue Star Mandoblaster but choice in the UK seemed quite restricted. I posted a request on the Café for information and from there contacted Pete. I am now the very happy owner of an Almuse electric mandolin, here’s a picture:

    IMHO this is a stunning instrument. The finish is of the highest standard, it has a lovely low action and the humbuckers produce a really even sound across all four strings. To my surprise the bridge pickup is not harsh at all, and offers a great alternative to the neck one, which would be my default option. Although it can produce a great clean tone, the humbuckers natural overdrive mean that anyone into Celtic rock will be in seventh heaven!

    Style is a matter of personal choice, and this unique Explorer inspired design won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I love it! Surprisingly perhaps it is very comfortable to play sitting down, resting easily on the thigh. Pete specialises in making mandolins based on classic electric guitar designs, made to order, as well as having one or two specs on the table.

    Although I’m new to the Café, I have been fortunate to own a number of top end electric guitars over the years, and more recently a couple of handmade mandolins. In my opinion this instrument is of a similar standard and offers outstanding value for money.

    If you are in the market for an electric mandolin, either here in the UK or elsewhere in the world, I cannot recommend Almuse highly enough.


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    Default Re: Review: Almuse Electric Mandolin

    Nice review Bill,thanks. I've been eyeing them up for a while, wondering what they're like.

    I think it looks great too!

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