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Thread: The Don Stiernberg Interview

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    You always found those good notes, Donnie. When are you coming West again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Stiernberg View Post
    Hello again friends,

    In the words of the great comedian Martin Short..."thanks for remembering.."

    I hope it's ok, a few update items....
    Everyone has changed from MySpace to Facebook.
    I still play the Nugget 2-point, the Stevens Paul Glasse electric 5 string, and the Collings MF5. Just this past year Oliver Apitius made the 'Yorkville Jazz" and I'm breaking it in. It's built with a jazz guitar aesthetic. Check out his site for videos.
    For the past 5 or 6 years I've been playing almost entirely mandolin, haven't worn my tuxedo that entire time!Mostly my own dates or playing alongside revered colleagues in various styles, and of course teaching at the camps.
    Somewheres along in these last nine years I made two more jazz mandolin "CD's" know, round thing with a hole in the center, your parents or grandparents had them, they look like a coaster..Well anyways one is called Mandoboppin', has mostly my own tunes and a couple standards, mando, gtr., bass, piano, drums. The other is Good Numbers, mostly jazz tunes and only one of mine, mando, guitar, bass, the trio in the picture that John was kind enough to put up above.
    Also got involved with and have available four online instruction courses. One is on swing chords, another on jazz improv lines, another on chord melody, and most recent is on rhythm parts for swing and jazz tunes.
    Very grateful to still be here and there looking for the good notes. Thanks Mandolin Cafe! See ya at the camps?

    is a great jazz CD which happens to feature mandolin. (Unless one isn't really a jazzer, then it is a great mandolin CD which just happens to also be a jazz CD). Just got mine in the last week and really enjoy it.

    Don's Soundslice courses are great. I've purchased two and will get the other two when I've spent a little more time on the ones I have.

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