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Thread: To Fender FM-60E Players

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    I have a Fender FM-60E that I don't really play sufficiently to form comfortable playing habits with it. When I do play it, I find the saddle screws kind of irritating (and wish there was a cover). Does anyone else experience the same or is this an indicator that I'm practicing poor right hand playing style? I've tried "posting" to increase my distance a bit but then the pickup toggle gets in the way.

    If this is a case of poor right hand technique/playing position, would that mean I'm always practicing poor right hand playing style or it just counts differently on this particular instrument?

    Just curious. Thanks

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    It's been a while since I played one of these, but I had the same problem with this and other Fender electric mandolins (including an ashtray-less '58.) My right hand technique is hardly examplary, but it's not terrible either: like many others, I rest the heel of my right hand and wrist slightly behind my bridge/saddles. This was a change from previous pinky-planting.

    Generally speaking, I do consider this a design flaw in the Fenders. If I were to buy one for tonal/mojo reasons, I'd either find someone to trim those screws flush, get a cover, or have to think about re-vamping my right hand again.

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    Default Re: To Fender FM-60E Players

    The pickup toggle on the FM60E is definitely in a BAD place. A friend bought one used. The previous owner had played the instrument hard for a long time and the toggle switch had dropped through the pickguard. OR was it pushed through the pickguard?


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    You can always look for shorter setscrews, the even more odd ones in my 61 are even sharper , they certainly get your attention .

    bridge base plate out of thinner stuff is an approach as might be routing out underneath it to also make things lower, so for same string height the screws would be screwed into the bridge more..
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    It's good to know I'm not alone on this.

    The (irritating sharp metal parts against human flesh) situation reminds me of when I wore braces as a kid but I'm not sure globs of beeswax would be a suitable solution in this case.

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