Chose this for Summer reading, only half way through and now much of what I accepted as online gospel bluegrass fact is reduced to "popular opinion", thankfully to my mind.
I really like the sections in Tony's own voice, he is 16 years older then me but we seem to come from the same time period.
I knew I loved his music the first time I heard him, "California Autumn" what a great great album, he was also on "The David Grisman Rounder Album" from the same record shelf. At the time we did not realize the Bill Keith Album was the first time he met Grisman.
He is much like I believed him to be from his appearance and music.
The sections where others like his Mom or Brothers or Uncles or other Bluegrass Greats that have played with him, feel more like a Ken Burn's documentary.
BTW when is Ken doing the Tony Rice story documentary ?