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Thread: Great News - Sully's Back!

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    Great to read about the recovery

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    Killer! Now it's time to pick it, buddy!

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    That is great, Merry Christmas.

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    Thats great, I'm sure your elated to have it back, what have you been playing until Sully's return?

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    What had I been playing before Sully's return? I had a couple of loaners for awhile. Bill Bussman loaned me Ezra's F-5 ("The One") and a friend loaned me his Gibson Sam Bush. Then I picked up the Clark from the classifieds back in early November. The owner lived in Phoenix and I actually drove there after work on a Friday (took 6 hours) played it Sat. morning, bought it and drove back. The Clark (#21) is a really nice mando in its own right, and now it is my spare. If Monty shows up, then I will probably sell the Clark.

    One thing I have to say about this whole experience is that I was blown away by all the people who reached out to me. I literally had at least 10 people offer to loan me their mandolin, including some really nice ones (a Nugget and 2 Gilchrists). After what I went through, I was nervous about having other instruments around though. Needless to say I have taken extra security measures.
    Bob Gray

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