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Thread: Joe Val Festival 2010

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    Default Joe Val Festival 2010

    Anybody going?

    Could a MC mando-tasting be arranged?

    I just got tickets and on-site reservations. It will be my first time there, and I'm pretty darn excited. I'll be the not-so-great player with an inappropriate bluegrass instrument (teens A-) and a big grin trying to decide between playing music and listening to the pros. Website here:

    Any tips from Val Veterans on things to do/avoid?


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    Default Re: Joe Val Festival 2010

    You will have a great time at the Joe Val Festival. There are pickers everywhere in the hotel. Approximately 280 rooms sold out in 7 minutes. 130 of the rooms are "picking" rooms rather than quiet rooms. Registration in the front lobby is easy. There is a restaurant/bar area but I would advise you to bring snacks and drinks. Picking takes place all over the place. I have gone these past 5 years years and enjoyed every minute. There are no bad things to avoid. It is very well run. Rich Michaud.
    Richard Michaud

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