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  • Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap (BG, OT)

    4 15.38%
  • Flowers of Edinburg (Scottish Dance Tune)

    10 38.46%
  • Magic Foot (contemporary)

    2 7.69%
  • Red Wing (BG, OT)

    9 34.62%
  • Greencastle Hornpipe (OT, IT)

    1 3.85%
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Thread: Poll For A Song A Week Social Group Week #22

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    Default Poll For A Song A Week Social Group Week #22

    Here is the poll for the Song A Week Social Group's Week #22. One vote per member. Please only vote if you are a member of the group. If you are interested in finding out what we are all about, there is a link at the end of this message that will take you to the social group!

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    Default Re: Poll For A Song A Week Social Group Week #22

    In case you don't know some of these tunes, here is a YouTube of each:

    Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap:

    Flowers of Edinburgh:

    Oddly self-conscious people play Magic Foot:

    Red Wing:

    I couldn't find anything for Greencastle Hornpipe, so please post something if you can find it.

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    Default Re: Poll For A Song A Week Social Group Week #22

    My favorite Red Wing, featuring Johhny Gimble on fiddle, Marty Stuart on electric mandolin, I don't know who on the steel guitar, Chet Atkins on guitar, Vince Gill on guitar and who knows who else.

    Its pure wonderful.

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