It was a long journey for me, but I ended up loving smaller thicker triangles with pointy tips, and found that choice of bevel greatly affects tone, enough I don't need a rounded tip when a non bevel pointy tip gives a really dark sound in a BC.

From there I have learned to match the pick to the mandolin and tone I want, mostly a BC lover here too.
- TP60 no bevel gives a fat warm sound for my oval hole mando when doing classical and any stuff I want a fat tone for, this is really my goto solo sound and what I practice with the most (I love my oval hole for that rich full sustained sound).
- TP50 bevelled when I want to go a bit brighter.
- the 4-string electrics (I have a lot of them), need to be brightened up a lot, so I use dunlop primetone black triangles (the smaller size in 1.4mm), also bevelled, they are brighter than anything I can get in a BC.
- I have some 4 string acoustics on order (a mandola and a tenor guitar), don't know what I will use there, but they will likely need a brighter pick, like the TP50 bevelled or a primetone.