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Thread: MidMo Electrics EM4/EM8 or Wendler?

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    I've started looking at electric mandolins (mostly 8-string) and ran across the MidMo models. Has anyone played one of their 4 or 8 string electrics?

    Anyone play a Wendler ElectroCoustic mando either?

    Thanks in advance?

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    Though not that familiar with the MidMo (generally known for economical value), I could probably make the claim of logging the most (or second most) number of hours on a Wendler mando.
    I own #2, and continue to be impressed with not only the tone quality, but the fit and feel. It's extremely comfortable, and Dave knows what he's doing in making a pro ax.
    Though mandolins are relatively new for him, he's been in the business of guitars and fretless basses for a number of years, and has a great reputation in those circles already.
    I'd be happy to go into more detail if you want to email me offline, but suffice it to say, thumbs up on this one.
    Ted Eschliman

    Author, Getting Into Jazz Mandolin

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