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Thread: Flatiron Signature Series F5 Master Model

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    Boy, whata bunch of NEW Flatirons!

    I have an '85 Flatiron, F-5 Artist, x-braced (natch) Carlson signed, # 87. Perhaps the only one from this period where the sunburst hasn't faded away. It goes from a golden center to dark brown edges.

    Most Flatirons from this time have golden-brown finishes similar to what Gibson calls a "vintage sunburst", which is an attempt to duplicate a cherry sunburst where the pigment has faded, as it does on many mid '60's cherry sunburst guitars.On most early flatirons the sunburst was a standard dark sunburst color at first, but it has faded away. Some Flatirons from this period come in chocolate brown, and those have not faded as badly.

    The original tuners are silver-plated, but have turned pink/copper. They are Gotohs, while later Flatirons, by #100 have gold Shallers. The original tailpiece is also silver-plated. I've replaced it with a Weber tailpiece.

    Everyone who's played this mando has been impressed. The usual comment is "Now I understand why people rave about early Flatirons!" Mine is so good it made me sell a Gilchrist since I never played it after I got the Flatiron.

    I thought about selling it once, but since no one would pay what it is worth I kept it. Glad I did.

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    I owned 85100106, bought new in 1985 from Mandolin Bros. It was a good mandolin.

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    A few months ago, while at Eric Schoenberg's shop in Tiburon, CA having some minor intonation work done on my Weber "Octar", I purchased one of these elusive Flatiron F5-Master model mandolins -- this one is signed by Bruce Weber made in 1995. Serial number is 95011097. Eric had just purchased from an estate in Sacramento, CA, I was told. The mandolin has the most lovely mellow bark, and is the nicest sounding mandolin I have ever played. The mandolin came with some papers that indicated it had been previously sold used around 2002 by Elderly Instruments on consignment for about $3,200 back then (I paid $5,000 in 2016), and a hand-written notation that only three of this "signature series" were made -- not sure that is true. The tailpiece has been replaced with a solid cast gold color Sound to Earth (Weber) tailpiece (the original "Flatiron" tailpiece was included). I did not realize at the time that these are a bit of a rarity. I would have bought it anyway, because it feels and sounds so good to play. My other mando is a young Collings MT A-style honey matter finish with black tuners and headstock.

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    Default Re: Flatiron Signature Series F5 Master Model

    I know this is an old thread, but I just discovered it and thought I would add the following information to it. I own Flatiron F5 Master model #9212731. I ordered it through a small music store in Juneau, AK and took delivery on December 24, 1992. I paid $2,650 for it. I've had many hours of enjoyment learning to play this instrument and many more hours of enjoyment meeting and sharing time with a lot of wonderful people at jams, contra dances and festivals. It's way more mandolin that I could ever justify with my limited skills, but when I accidentally do something right - it gives you the response you expect to hear. It's tone, power and ease of playing has been a very important factor in keeping me motivated through the years as I didn't take up music until my mid-50"s. For me, this is the "keeper" folks speak about! Having this instrument and my musical journey with it has been one of life's great GIFTS!!!
    1992 Flatiron F5 Master model
    2009 Weber A model Fern
    2011 Collings MT mandola
    1985 Flatiron 2M

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