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Thread: Bruce Springsteen- Atlantic City

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    Default Bruce Springsteen- Atlantic City

    Sorry if I am writing this in the wrong spot, I am new...just let me know.

    I am still quite new to mandolin so I have not mastered tabbing things out on my own yet.

    I was wondering if anyone knows or has found some tabs for Bruce Springsteen's Atlantic City?



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    Default Re: Bruce Springsteen- Atlantic City

    The simple chords and lyrics are all over the Internet, just look them up on a mandolin chord chart and you're done.

    Chords and lyrics
    Mandolin chords
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    Default Re: Bruce Springsteen- Atlantic City

    Hi Ashley - Welcome to the Café! Warmer here than Winnipeg this time of year ... I played at WFF once - but that was summer!

    I like Chordie - there are several versions, pick one you like. Chordie is the only site I've found that will transpose a song into a key you like. Look for the word CHORDS in blue under the song title - that means the transposing engine will work on that version.

    Bear in mind that all too often the chords and lyrics at these sites are somebody's guess, and any number of factors may be involved which affect their accuracy - lack of sleep, lack of sobriety, lack of memory, lack of knowledge - so it's best if you already know pretty much how a song goes and just need confirmation of a few details. Looks like there are only four chords to this song, so it shouldn't be too difficult. Also, some artists - Springsteen and Buffett, to name two - have very good lyrics sections at their websites. Go to the source whenever possible, I always say.

    If you can, track down The Band's version - I like the way they do it more than Bruce. Levon drives it with mandolin, there's some nice accordion work, it's really sweet. I think I even heard their version before Bruce's, so I always hear it their way in my mind.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Bruce Springsteen- Atlantic City

    The main chords for the song are Em G and C but i tred them out on my mandolin and it seems like Levon is playing bigger more elongated chords or something because hes kinda chopping them out or someting?

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    Default Re: Bruce Springsteen- Atlantic City

    Hey Ashley,

    Here is a quick video I made of the intro to Atlantic City. These are the chords shapes used in the song but there is also an E major. Hope this helps and good luck with your picking.

    - Andrew

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    Default Re: Bruce Springsteen- Atlantic City

    Never realized it until the other day, bu Steve Van Zandt, who played with Springsteen, played mandolin on some of the numbers. (Same guy who played Silvio Dante on The Sopranos.)
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