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Thread: Jack Spira audio samples?

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    Default Re: Jack Spira audio samples?

    We lost a fine fiddler ("Bette Fiddler") to the Irish community in Philly, she got a great job with the EPA there.

    So now I have a place to crash in Philly ...

    Late summer / early autumn? Elsewhere than Philly?

    steve V. johnson

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    Default Re: Jack Spira audio samples?

    Matt - is your instrument a small or large body model ? Maybe you can measure the depth for us please?


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    My 'Zook is the large body size - I will measure the depth for you asap - (it graduates somewhat from the heel-block to the end-pin' - sorry for the poor description )
    When I first played the Zook (first time I ever saw one was when I met Jack at our National Folk Festival in Canberra) I felt like the large body/long scale-length was a bit much for me, so I asked him a few months later if he'd consider building a large body 'zook with guitar scale-length.
    Ever accomodating he said he'd have a go and see if it worked - and called back a couple of months later very happy ...
    He's made a few like that now, I believe ....

    I'm starting to think I'd like another (different) one, soon ....


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