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    A while ago I picked up a Fender FM 60E 5 string. I've played acoustic mandolin/guitar for along time but never been much of an electric instrument player.I have a Mesa Boogie studio amp that I play it through. I'm going to restring soon and the thing is you don't just find 5 string sets on the peg board at the music store and beyond that what strings /types of strings and brands in what gauges are recommended and for what effect. I would prefer to have a nice mellow tone -mostly because it's likely that I'll be playing something like "In a Mellow Tone". I'm having alot of fun with the electric and particularly because I can put on earphones and go all night if I want as loud as I want without keeping the house up.

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    You can contact Martin Stillion at He should have what what you need for your 5-string.

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    Martin's site and store are good resources, I usually just get single electric guitar strings at local shops - and a few more E's than all the rest...

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    On my 4 string, in mandola tuning, I am using flatwound guitar strings - D'Addario Chromes Light Guage ECG25. I used the 12-24W-32W-42W. I will have to check the other guages in the set - not sure if you could fine 5 strings that would work, but I am happy with this inexpensive solution for 4 string - very inexpensive at $10 CAN or <$9USD.

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    for C on my 'dola tuned 4 string A50 I have a round wound nickel .049"
    rest are just like shifting over regular mandolin sizes, 40,26, 14, so then, perhaps,
    use a .010 for the E
    may have a bit of downsizing on some gages over time..

    you use guitar singles , so abundant options..
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