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Thread: New Book on Mandolin Chordology

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    Default New Book on Mandolin Chordology

    For the past year and a half I have been taking group lessons with Gordon Sobbe in Halifax. Gordon, who is well known in Canada as a fiddle instructor has written many books on fiddling. He has recently produced a new book plus CD on Mandolin Chordology that has just been posted on the classified website

    Our class had the opportunity to use some pages from the book as it was being developed and found it to be an excellent teaching tool. The focus is on three finger chords and knowledge of the fingerboard allowing the student to learn how to make more complex chords and use them in accompanying melodies. I had studied mandolin for two years prior to starting lessons with Gordon and it was only through his teaching that I now feel able to start to put chord theory and practice together.

    I encourage cafe members to explore Gordonís website to see the contents and a sample of his new mandolin book. His other books and CDs about fiddling are also excellent resources for well known fiddle tunes that can be played on the mandolin

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    Default Re: New Book on Mandolin Chordology

    Thanks for the additional info. I noted the ad and thought the book sounded interesting but didn't want to order without knowing more.
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