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    Mrmando......ok, the MAS has withdrawn its bite a little bit. I am in one of those periods when I haven't hardly touched the little beastie in 3 weeks or so. Anything from the testing...tasting....loud mando blasting? I figure in another month or so the urge (somewhat werewolf like...) will be building in nature again as I start to play more again. At that time I will unfortunately have to tie my wife up and shove her in the closet and hope nobody notices for a few weeks while I blow money on long as I provide her with abundant gin+tonic (she IS BRITISH after all)(well actually, I better not say that, rather insulting....she is a N Yorkshire lass) it isn't life threatening for me....

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    I think martin will be giving some results soon? I know that he has been real busy with his work, and then he was attending the Wintergrass Festival for about 3-days. Hopefully we will hear some results soon. I was actually able to send him one of my 5-stringers for the tasting.
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