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Thread: Happy camper

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    Gene @ RSM
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    Smile Happy camper

    As an owner of a Breedlove Quartz OO who is paranoid about keeping it in pristine condition, I fell to the siren's song and picked up a Kentucky 150 @ Buffalo Brothers on Saturday. I'm impressed!

    The purpose of my purchase was to get a travel instrument that I wouldn't have to worry about. Mission accomplished, AND the thing sounds good too!

    I originally contemplated a "travel" mando, but did not appreciate the sound or the general style of what was on the market. I figured I couldn't go too far wrong on an inexpensive Kentucky. Lucky move.

    As an old time forum reader, I've heard many good things about Kentucky recently. I don't see how they do it for so little money.

    Anyway, just wanted folks to know that you can get a very decent mandolin for a very reasonable price these days. The "beater" ain't no beater anymore.

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    Mark Evans mandozilla's Avatar
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    Default Re: Happy camper

    Hi Gene (Hygiene?)

    Glad another one came out of the shadows and registered...welcome aboard.

    It's great you found a good one...must have been set up well before you picked her out...anyhow, enjoy!

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