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Thread: Pick material for emando

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    Default Pick material for emando

    I use Fender 351 Delrin picks (0.60 mm) on my 4-string solid-body. But I seem to wear down my picks really fast. I do play lots of rhythm on it.

    I really like the picks except they only last for 2 hours of playing or so.

    Would celluloid hold up better? I tried going thicker and didn't really like them.

    I used the same picks on my acoustic guitar and they last forever. I guess the higher tension on the mandolin does them in...


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    Default Re: Pick material for emando

    I would go to a thicker pick. I use Clayton triangle picks of various thickness, all are over 1.25 though. I think you will get a better tone and ore thickness means lasting longer.

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    Default Re: Pick material for emando

    I use the Blue Chip and a Jazzmando pick on my emando and they are both great! I hate pick wear so I know your pain! The Blue Chip costs a zillion dollars as picks go, but it does not wear! (so far after 6 solid months of playing) The thicker pick suggestion is a good one. .60mm is pretty light on any fretted instrument but especially mandolin. For acoustics anything less than 1mm can sound very thin and not get the energy out of your instrument. On an electric the sound gets bigger as the pick gets bigger and there is more of it to wear!

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