I have heard about these American made beauties as being a really great acoustic electric but I have never had the opportunity to try one. I have played the lesser import models many times and was not impressed so I was kind of suspicious of spending a much bigger piece of change for what seems to be such a close construction to the imported counterparts. I mean its half plastic for crying out loud!!

Well there is a BIG difference! I was in my local music store yesterday and finally asked the guy to take the one down that has been there for a few years now and wow! It needed a little set-up to be for me but it had a GREAT neck and a nice acoustic sound. The fit and finish was really nice and it had that sturdy, quality feel to it if you know what I mean. I did not get to plug it in but having owned some Ovation stuff in the past, I think I know what to expect.

If I was playing in church or whatever and needed/wanted to plug in, that would be the ticket! For $1000 bucks, it was a lot of machine!

Anyway, just want to let everyone know that I now see what all the hoo haa is about!