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Thread: Amplification revisited

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    Default Amplification revisited


    I finally found the combo that works.

    As I am often in the situation where I need to punch through an electrified band, getting clear and undistorted stage volume has been a problem. For years I used a Dean Markley 400-watt bass amp head on a BW cabinet, and it gave the clean acoustic sound, within the limitations of a Fishman bridge.

    It got stolen. I tried all manner of rigs, to no avail. Always got distortion when choppng or tremolo-ing, and the notes were generally dorky-sounding.


    The rig: Schertler Dyn-M mounted behind the bridge over the bass tone bar, with cable stowed under the tailpiece and coiled up on the strap, with XLR jack elastic-banded to the strap as a strain relief. Schertler PRE AII preamp into a Nady 5-band parametric EQ, so I can stomp on the three feedback notes generated by my Mando. All of this goes, dry, into a Yamaha MSR-400 powered monitor wedge.

    The Yamaha is the key. It never gets operated at levels sufficient to cause distortion, it gets powered up to the hiss-threshold, and everything else us underdriven to keep the signal clean. Everything is balanced XLR. The monitor has daisy-chain jacks which could double as a DI connection, but the PRE AII has XLR out as well.

    Works like crazy. The Speaker is a floor monitor wedge with two different tilt angles, and also has a pole pocket so it can be mounted vertically. Feedback is also dealt with by plugging F-holes with shaped cellular foam inserts. Some home-made silicon-rubber shaped inserts akin to the feedBackBuster are in the works.

    We opened with a version of "Eighth of January" with just mando and bass, followed by, er, "I am the Walrus". The cutting power was there, the treble was not brittle, no distortion. A little feed into the board rounded the front sound.

    Alrighty, then!
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    Default Re: Amplification revisited

    thats always a great feeling when you can finally get the right stage sound. I never found it with my acoustic, but I now use a solid body electiric, and though I dont like the sound as much, I find that being able to hear myself and control my volume is a godsend.
    Gotta start sometime, might as well be now...

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