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Thread: Duncan Custom Mini Humbucker for Mandolin Experience?

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    Default Re: Duncan Custom Mini Humbucker for Mandolin Experience?

    Bumping thread to see if anyone has any recent experience with this PUP.
    Seems like this would be a great choice for custom builds (?). PUPs on e-mandos & e-o-mandos are so critical it seems an area where one would not want to skimp.
    I'm surprised I haven't noticed any custom builders using this pick-up.
    Any thought on other mini-buckers that are good for e-mandos?
    Does anyone make rail-style mini-humbuckers (so as to eliminate the string / pole-alignment issue)?
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    Default Re: Duncan Custom Mini Humbucker for Mandolin Experience?

    Ed, I looked at that pickup, but as it really just looks like a 6 string pickup with only 4 poles installed, it just looked like it would not 'look right' and overpower the mandolin. Tone is paramount, but I cannot help be swayed by looks somewhat.

    I can't say enough good things so far about the Moongazer MG4. Great pickup which can be wired for coil-tapping. I'm using it in my emando and enjoying the heck out of it. Great workmanship and great tone.
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