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Thread: Three French oddities on eBay

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    Default Three French oddities on eBay

    I'm posting this hear rather than the "Auction Site" forum because the instruments are of direct interest to the CBOM crowd. Moderator -- feel free to move it if desired.

    A French seller is posting three interesting instruments on eBay; all double-course, either eight or ten strings.

    Here's the link to my search.

    I'm always a bit scared of buying from outside the US, and I have no direct knowledge of the seller or his/her reliability, but I found the three unique and interesting. Not that I'm likely to bid, but I thought others might at least like to look.
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    Default Re: Three French oddities on eBay

    I moved this to the Cragslist/e-bay section with a permament redirect in the CBOM section for people to see. Interesting things there Allen!

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    Default Re: Three French oddities on eBay

    I've been watching them, too, Allen. If I wasn't currently out of work, I'd go for one, just to see how they were, but I am also leery of buying out of the US, too. He/she has sold at least one that I know of, because I have had them on my watch list. But this new inexpensive one has me wondering....I wouldn't mind a "beater" for when I don't want to take my Larson/Stahl cello out.
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    Default Re: Three French oddities on eBay

    Did anyone notice the fretboard on one of the 10 string mandocellos? It looks like it's got two quarter-tone frets on it. Anyone know the story behind that?
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    Default Re: Three French oddities on eBay

    These instruments were discussed a bit on THIS THREAD awhile back. They are mandoles, used in Algerian Chaabi music, and (depending on how the prevailing wind blows) may or may not be related to mandolins at all...

    Been following the Kay mandocello thread too; I wonder if it'd be worth it to try converting a Gitane solid peghead guitar (250 or 250M) over to 8 strings - long scale too, for those who prefer that.

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