JazzMando What's New - Of note: Yesterday September 24th marks the two-year anniversary of the announcement of the creation of New Millennium Mandolins. A collaborative effort between Peter Mix, Will Kimble, and Clear Carbon & Components came to fruition in the form of the first "mass market" carbon fibre A5 mandolin. Since the introduction of this instrument, an Oval-hole version came soon after, and last year's follow-up of a Kevlar-infused Florentine body complete with modified scroll, achieved rave reviews, including the company's "Best in Show" honors at the Summer NAMM show in Austin.

Ironically, the company's product was initially touted for its merits as a roadworthy, resilient instrument boasting of an "alternative material" capable of standing up to duress of temperature and humidity extremes and rapid changes, always a peril with the traveling professional. What soon became common knowledge among players worldwide over the next few succeeding months was that the instruments with their world class design and construction boast of a playability and acoustic qualities highly competitive with other traditional instruments in an even higher price range.

During the Summer 2007 NAMM show, exhibitors complained of the harsh, rapid climate change as the hall's air conditioners in the extreme Texas summer climate kicked in the first day. Manufacturers' reps and technicians scrambled to retune their instruments prior to the onslaught of vendors at the opening of the show, while the New-Mad display staff relaxed with Cappuccinos and jammed on player-ready, completely tuned instruments.

We enjoyed reviewing one out of the initial batch of Mix A5 prototypes and not long after, acquired a personal one for "extended field research." The instrument has stood the test of time, providing stellar stage performance and plugged-in moxy. Read review: Acoustic Vibes Music"

Special JazzMando Insider information: If you are interested in a reduced price on a demo version, contact us: JazzMando Demo Mix A5

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