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    I just picked up a Suzuki Mandolin (Bowl Back) Model M-20, I looked on the internet but got very little info. #Anybody know anything about it. #It is in pretty good shape and play decently. #Thanks in advance for any info.

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    They were made in the late-60s, and you will be better off staying away from them. The necks are made of glue and saw dust. Years ago, I saw one that looked real good until I got up close. The neck was more like a roller coaster. Save your $.


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    Exactly, Suzuki featured the curious combination of neatly crafted, solidly--even heavily--built soundboxes that are only responsive to fairly heavy strings along with necks of red-stained mystery wood that could only tolerate the very lightest strings. If your neck is still healthy, you scored. Make sure you only keep extremely light strings on this, like GHS's "Classical" set, Mari's silver-plated set, or other such sets going down to ca. 0.009" on e".

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