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Thread: Looking for 4 string

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    I am looking for a 4 string electric. Cosmetics not important. Intonation & playability of utmost importance. Price range: under $1500.00. Anyone selling or any suggestions where to look would be appreciated!

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    Check out mandolins by Kevin Schwab
    Jonathan Mann

    Steve Ryder

    and Andrew Jerman

    as well as many other builders listed at

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    I just took receipt of my Mann EM-5 about two weeks ago. Jon builds in batches and last I heard, he built some extra instruments. Not sure if they are sold yet or not. I'm very happy with my instrument. Good luck.
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    I've been using an EM 150 Gibson as a partially converted 4 string , and CGDA string tuning, so theres that option too , those come up around $1200 these days..

    upper bridge portion and re-notching a different nut will do it. .049" C string.
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    Dave, post a Wanted ad in the Classifieds. The board itself is not to be used for buying/selling. More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by (mrmando @ June 06 2008, 19:51)
    Dave, post a Wanted ad in the Classifieds. The board itself is not to be used for buying/selling.
    Doesn't look like he's trying to buy-- just getting some suggestions.

    I just got one from Andrew Jerman and I'm very pleased. It cost a LOT less than your max price and at least for my purposes it's just fine. I plan to write up a more detailed review once I live with it a while longer since I'm totally a newbie to the electric mando world.
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