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Thread: Godin or ovation

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    Every so often I see Godin and Ovation electric mandos come up for sale. They are quite reasonably priced. Does anyone have any experience with either of these? Are they any good? Do they sound acoustic or electric? Is one much better than the other? Is any model of one THE one to get? Where are they made?
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    The Ovation MM68 is good. The Ovation MCS148 is not so good. The Godin is good. The Applause (Ovation budget line) is not so good. More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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    IMHO, they are good for electric stuff. For the money, they may not be the best thing available for acoustic tone. I personally am not wild about the necks on either one, but that's just me. Which one is better would be a pure matter of taste.

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    Having owned both a Godin A8 and a Ovation MCS 148 I kept, and will keep the Godin. To me and my ears the Godin was more Mando like. The Ovation sounded like a little guitar. I have big hands and like the neck on the Godin better. Its not finished as well as the Ovation neck but it fits my hand better. The shape is close to the neck on my Absoroka. I also like the flat back of the Godin better. I have 3 Ovation guitars and don't mind the round back, but I really didn't like it on the Ovation. I string the Godin with the same strings as my Weber J74's and its not as loud as my Weber but you can hear it being played. My 2 cents, maybe too much.
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