To whom it may concern,(by the way, thanx 250sc)I just went and purchased one fine MT.I think that I've got just about all the mando that I can handle(for now....).She's a beaut.Never thought an A could be so loud and then be as sweet as this one is.I have got to say that the Collings people really have it down.My F-9 is one of the first that came out when they switched over the Flatiron line, and I love it because it was one of the first mandos that I owned that gave me a chance to see if I could really play one of these things, it made me want to learn.This MT though, is a monster and it really makes me love to play and it takes me to another level of desire to learn and play!I finally have an instrument that helps me.I did not compare it to the MF but, up against my F-9 it held its own and allows my fingers to do things that I struggled with on that Gibson.I hope that others will give these new Collings a try.Most folks will not be disappointed.To the Folks at Collings, Thanx, for a well built machine!Keep it up!