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Thread: Ot: how to buy a bass guitar (sorry)

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    Update: She bought a bass.

    Did some searching and found a "SX Vintage Series" short scale bass for $139.00. It's all solid wood (alder, I think), three pots for volume and tone, real inlay fret markers, very nicely appointed, and it sounds good. The SX is Chinese made, but really well reviewed so we thought, for a starter, it was a good choice. I'll take some pics and post them.

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    Thank you all so much for this discussion! #I am in a situation where I need to branch out to support a new initiative at my church (I SWEAR it isn't IAS), and my trusty Goya GM23 isn't what's called for. #Bass seems to be how I can help out, so i've been shopping around for prices. #The advice here has been great!

    I remember some discussion I can't find right now about how mando players often take up the bass as a secondary instrument. #Was that here?

    One more question--why are there not more mando-basses out there?

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    Any comments on a 1/2 size upright? If she is small, 1/2 size might be all she ever needs. There used to be a very short woman that attended a lot of bluegrass festivals in Southern Ontario, she must have been about 5'-nothing. She played a 1/2 size upright.

    On a related note, I saw Oysterband last weekend (AWESOME concert). The "bass player," Chopper, plays a cello most of the time - with his fingers, although he does bow it too. He plays it standing up with a really long peg. Very cool "bass."

    Chopper of Oysterband on cello:

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    My guess is, one would employ a mando bass if one were needing to maintain an "all-mando" ensemble for some specialized purpose. Otherwise, traditional orchestral uprights (or smaller such as standard 3/4 sizes) and the venerable electric bass cover most applications sufficiently and usually better than most hybrids.

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    As regards Mando bass, this what Trevor had to say on the subject, & he is an enthusiast!

    "Wow we got one! (see mandolin family page). Its huge and its beautiful in an ugly kind of way. These are rare beasts indeed. They were created by Gibson to complete their mandolin orchestras. Gibson claimed at the time that they produced 'deep and profound pulsations'. The truth is not so exciting. Contrary to previous advice the scale length is 'only' 42" and 65" tall, 25" wide. It is designed to be played either guitar style or upright and has an extending foot for each position. Tuned an octave below the bottom four strings of a guitar the sound is not all you might hope, (though I'm told a contact mike and good bass amp solve the problem)......"
    Sorry madam, but we are fresh out of bull-dogs today!

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