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Thread: Purim tunes

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    Last year it was Oh Esther Where Art Thou? #A Downhome Jewgrass Purim featuring the Soggy Matzah Boys. #This year were really plugging in with The Not Ready For Purim Time Players. Here's the short set list:

    It's Purim Today (Surfin' USA)
    My Hamentashchen (My Generation)
    City Of Old Shushan (City of New Orleans) We're using the original chording Goodman wrote. #We're keeping it folky though in homage to Arlo, who lives down the road.
    You Are My Shushan (reggae style)(You Are My Sunshine)
    Noshin Away Again In Achashveroshville (Margaritaville)

    The band uniform is your best tropical print shirt with whatever else you wish. #We've got a great percussionist on conga and his bag of percussive delights as well as serious gear for the amps, a sick bassist, an amazing string-horn-keys player on keys, and a former LA session and gig guy on a lovely Martin six. #I am humbled to be with them on my Rigel. #The Peaveys will be definately filling the room with some excellent sound. #It's my hope to create the rockingest Purim the Berkshires has ever seen. #If you're going to be around Pittsfield, let me know.
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    I'll be doing "Haman's Lullaby" -
    Go to sleep you wicked Haman ... #
    and the old gospel classic "Drifting to Far From the Shore" (learn some Torah today, let it show you the way)
    "Ben Zoma said: Who is wise? He who learns from every man" Ethics of the Fathers

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