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Thread: My Waverly tuners

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    My Waverly tuners are very hard to turn when I try and tune up. They also need the backlash adjusted all the time. I have the tool to tighten them when it gets sloppy. The guy that built my mandolin tells me he used the waverly jig when he drilled the headstock and he said he has tapered the holes but when I sight down the post, they do not exactly line up straight. I have read on this website that the waverly’s need to be installed in a special way to make them function correctly but I am not sure what I should do now. My Kentucky mandolin has smother tuners and I paid less for the Kentucky mandolin than I did for the Waverly tuners alone. What could I do short of plugging the holes and redrilling my headstock? Thank in advance for your help in this matter

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    I would talk to the builder first, they should be straight.
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    Some of those holes are going to have to be plugged and re-drilled. That's the only way I know to make them right. If you remove the machines and sight along the posts you will see they are straight, the holes in the headstock are not.

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