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Thread: Who are the great classical mando luthiers?

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    that's nice, thanks. This was the year before I saw him with Beppe Gambetta in 1998.

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    Quote Originally Posted by (jgarber @ Feb. 09 2008, 22:32)
    Of some of the current top players, here are the preferred makers tho not exclusively:

    Carlo Aonzo: Pandini
    Alison Stephens: Embergher 1933
    Neil Gladd: Seiffert (I believe)
    Richard Walz: Larson
    Gertrud Weyhofen: Knorr
    Chris Acquavella: Romana
    Marilynn Mair: Lyon & Healy copy by Doug Woodley
    Ralf Leenen: vintage Emberghers (many)
    I just found a recent issue of Mandolin Magazine with an interview with Caterina Lichtenberg whose main Neapolitan tuned instrument was made by Reinhold Seiffert.

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    I was with Carlo Aonzo in the EGMYO 2007 in Ferrara (Pandini's town) and he was played Pandini's instruments (Mandolin, Mandola and Mandoloncello). I'm sure I must have many photos...

    I could stay with Pandini in their own home, where he has their workshop. Very good luthier and very nice person...

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