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Thread: Can you tell me about this mandola?

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    Pinecastle recording Artist, Josh Williams, is going to shortly offer for sale the vintage Gibson mandola, and would appreciate hearing some expert opinions about what it is, and possibly, when it was made. He purchased the instrument in California in 2001 or possibly 2002, an dwas told by the music store owner that he thought the mandola was a 1905 model. Pictures of the instrument are posted on the following website: Mandola.aspx
    Anything you can tell us about this instrument will be helpful. This sis the mandola Josh used on his recording of "The Cave" on his "lonesome Highway CD Pinecastle recording co. #PRC1136. Email me with any information please, at . or email Josh website.

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    You are probably looking at around 1906 give or take a couple of years. If you have the serial number we could nail it for you.

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    I wish it hadn't been oddly refinished with nitro and that the replacement gears and tailpiece were more appropriate. Based on the very selective and unhelpful photos, I would guess it's later than 1906. Whatever it is, it's a mongrel and not particularly collectible anymore. Might sound nice - that's the only reason to buy it.

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    The link doesn't work.
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