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Thread: Dance tonight - paul mc

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    Has anyone got a tab for Dance Tonight by Paul McCartney?

    Also im after atab for flower of scotland so if anyone could oblige id be extremely grateful!

    Thanks in advance


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    Dance away!
    The bridge can be found by looking at his other videos...have fun!
    Look up (to see whats comin down)

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    thanks very much guys, what a quick response! no luck with flower of scotland i take it though

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    Hi everyone...I finally had a chance to play this song with my group, BTW: I am more a drummer/percussionists that recently started to teach myself mandolin. The majority of my group didn't want to do it and it kind of shows in the singing component. But I thought I would share because I am pretty proud of the fact that not only did I perform a flawless mandolin part, I also play kick drum as well. I love the song and hope one day to find a group to play with that loves it and other Celtic-type music as well.


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