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Thread: C string problems

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    I've seen references in a few posts here that kind of dance around this subject but nothing that really addresses it head on.

    I've got a Fender FM60E 5-string. I like it well enough and I like the additional range offered and chord options (theoretically) made possible by that fifth string but what the heck can you do to make that C string usable/tunable/playable?

    Is this an issue with..
    ..all 5-string electrics?
    ..all Fender FM60Es?
    ..only this particular Fender FM60E?

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    I'm not sure of your exact problem, however you might try making sure that the string gets wound in such a way that it "spirals" toward the peghead. This increases the angle at which the string goes through the nut slot, there is not much angle to start with. Another thing, check the string height as it passes throught the nut, making sure that the string sets solidly in the bottom of the slot. String height needs to be at least as big as the 1st fret is tall.
    Another basic thing is string height adjusted at the saddle. If your string is buzzing you might set it high and work your way down by trial. If when you fret that string, and it tends to roll over the edge of the fretboard get a thicker gauged string. I found the proper set of strings at . Good luck and I hope something here helps your situation.

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    If you've checked out all the above your problem probably lies in the actual string gauge your using for that scale length. Try looking at a string tension calculator to see what would work with a similar tension across the strings without the floppiness. You'll find one here

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    if you are flummoxed by charts,
    Try a thick heavy string, 50 - 52 the E on guitar.
    example: for CGDA on my 4 string [13_7/8"scale] has a .049"

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