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Thread: Squirrel hunters

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    The mandozine tab isn't what I'd call correct for this tune.

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    Default Re: Squirrel hunters

    Quote Originally Posted by John Flynn View Post
    FWIW, both the tab by Dennis Ladd here on the Cafe' and the tab by Mike Stangland have it Em, G and D, not that it couldn't be played lots of different ways.
    Yes, never having heard it before, that was the best I could do. Now I play it with A, G and D, following Sharon Gilchrist's version on Youtube ( I like her speed her, more rolling along than bluegrass.
    Dennis Ladd

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    Nice vid, thanks Dennis.
    Thanks to Sharon Gilchrist too.
    Her break was a bit Bluegrassy in the middle?

    I’ll have to give this a go, just the tune, here’s the link to the song a week page:

    See ya there!

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    Default Re: Squirrel hunters

    Okay, I’ll bite on a 12 year old thread because I like the tune as well. Here’s the Forward Backsteppers from Oz a few years back.

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