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Thread: Compulsive purchase- Flatiron 1N

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    Default Re: Compulsive purchase- Flatiron 1N

    Quote Originally Posted by ironmikezero View Post
    A new member here, with a question: Does it count as a compulsive purchase if someone else (like a loving spouse) acquires a Flatiron Cadet for you?

    If so, I might have a tale to tell . . .

    A coupla weeks ago, I was rummaging around in a little-used, yet overstuffed closet in a bedroom we don't use, except as a catch-all for you know, stuff. Wedged in the back of the closet, I discovered an old fiberboard mandolin case. Hmm, heavy--there's something in it. A vague memory surfaced, but it was clouded by more than two decades of life's intervening events. Sometime in the dim past my wife had mentioned that she liked the sound of a mandolin, and she'd like it if I were to add a mandolin to my modest selection of guitars (I'm merely a hobby guitartist just for fun). I must have mumbled something in the affirmative because a little later, she presented me with a mandolin in this very case. I graciously accepted and put it away fully intending to begin learning the mandolin. That was 1993.

    Unfortunately, life has a way of disrupting the best of intentions. I was still in government service at the time, and circumstantial demands would only escalate until my retirement in 2005.

    Ever hear the typical comments about how much free time you'll enjoy post retirement? Yeah, right . . . They don't tell you about the rip in the space-time continuum that allows all that presumed leisure time to subtly leak away. You learn that lesson the hard way--and then you look for something else to do, just to stay sane. So, I have a second career as a technical/legal writer and novelist that has proven satisfactory, and more often than not, fun.

    All the while the music has beckoned, a guitar usually handy for periodic foray into calming bliss that keeps me centered and often leads to inspiration. Trust me, novelists need all the inspiration they can get.

    Occasionally life allows a pleasant surprise, just waiting to be rediscovered in the nether regions of a dark forgotten closet, and earning me a smug smile and knowing glance from my ever-patient wife.

    Okay, the details: 1993 Flatiron Cadet (as new in the original fiberboard case, 3 clasps), Serial No. 93105083, Performer Series, Handmade in Bozeman, MT., Nickel/Chrome (?) tuners, and it does have a truss rod. The original strings were about a whole step flat, and some rust speckles were evident on the A & E strings just above the bridge. (Sorry, no pics--I don't have, or want, a smartphone)

    Oh yes, I've read the entirety of this legendary thread, savoring the wit and wisdom of the posting members, and learning more than I ever expected. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen; and by all means, please carry on!
    Own up! We want photos!

    (great story, lord knows what I'll find when I retire and organize the house!)

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    Default Re: Compulsive purchase- Flatiron 1N

    Very funny! After reading this thread for over 15 years I just now realized that the title is not accurate. There is a difference in meaning between compulsive and impulsive.

    The title should really be "Impulsive purchase- Flatiron 1N." The OP back in 2004 just clicked the mouse on eBay and bought a Flatiron not knowing anything about them. He didn't find himself buying one every week or even every month or year.

    Of course, many of us here are compulsive mandolin buyers—we see or play one and a repeat the act of buying another over and over. That is the heart of MAS.

    Here's a description of the difference from

    While impulse buying is largely unplanned and happens at the moment in reaction to an external trigger — such as seeing the desired item in the shop — compulsive shopping is more inwardly motivated. A compulsive shopper will plan the shopping experience as a way to avoid or relieve uncomfortable internal feelings, such as anxiety.

    Compulsive shoppers are also more likely to experience negative consequences as a result of their shopping than impulse buyers, such as running into financial difficulties, having arguments with family members, and experiencing emotional confusion. They are also more likely to fall into a pattern of addictive behavior, in which they shop more and more in an attempt to stave off stress and anxiety. This is how shopping addiction develops.

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